Durrat Ojour is a very economical hotel in Makkah's Al-Misfalah area. It is located just 900 meters from the Holy Mosque and it takes about 8-10 minutes maximum to reach the Holy Mosque by foot. It consists of 70 well furnished spacious rooms with a nice view to the new Makkah Royal Clock Tower and wih 2 lifts it can accommodate upto 500 people at one time.

It is perfectly suitable for guests who are seeking accomoation with limited budget  in a heavely-priced Makkah city hotel market and taxis and the restaurants/markts are easily accessible fom the hotel as well.

Address: Misfalah Bridge, Main Ibrahim Khalil Street, Makkah, Kigdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone +966-5555-68489 / +966-125543838
Fax +966-125543939