Al-Hateem Group is a company which provides you a complete solution to your electrical appliances and electrical equipment with 100%satisfaction and security. Our responsible and expert electricians are able to reach you at your doorstep within 45 minutes with all the necessary tools after receiving your complaint. All you need to call us and connect one of our highly skilled and responsible technicians that means you don’t have to worry about the quality neither any security issues. Oue highly skilled, dedicated and professionally trained electricians perform all household electrical repairing, replacement and installation with and without wiring as per your requirement at very reasonable charges. We are responsible for our technicians and electricians and ensure quality work through professional excellence.

Wiring problems can be very annoying and not everyone manages to solve them. Surviving them is impossible, and finding the right “experienced technician” to solve these problems is no easy task. Some of the most common electrical problems people face today are simple short circuits, frequently tripped circuit breakers, warm sockets or switches, wiring problems, flickering or dimmed lights, faulty wires, and many more that cannot be explained.

Operating with electricity can be extremely risky. Although damage is usually rare when all safety standards are observed, mishaps can still occur. Al-Hateem Group grants you insurance against any excessive damage during the field of our electrician services in Lahore. Sometimes a piece of concise information is sufficient for us to provide our clients with an estimation. Emailing photos, drawings, etc. Will also help, and giving us the location is also very important. Our Electrician Services are run by highly professionals possess the ability to accomplish a wide range of services which involves installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair of electrical, AC units, UPS & inverters, basin fixtures, CCTV s, pumps & filtration units.