Al-hateem Group offers everything that makes your home beautiful, comfortable, and unique, including comprehensive interior services including design, execution, and personalized solutions. Our designers ensure that your dream design is not left to your imagination. We develop design plans in 3D, working with specialists to execute the plans to perfection.

We provide interior design services and offer our experienced interior designers to design your home interior in the most simple and creative way while you relax at home. In this service, we offer complete space planning with furniture layout, 3D visualization as well as 2D supporting working drawings. It’s a complete interior design package that facilitates all the support you need for the interior design of your dream home. Interior design is a job that needs to be done by a professional, so let us take charge and you can relax, we will do it for you with passion and professionalism.

At Al-hateem Group, we believe that the client’s needs are the top priority for our team of interior design consultants. Client participation is encouraged at all stages of project planning and implementation. Space planning, and therefore the entire design project, is only considered a success when the Home Makers team is able to turn the client’s vision into a built reality.

Our team of professionals is fully responsible for the turnkey preparation of any residential or commercial interior design project, which includes all project details from the initial concept phase to the final realization. Al-hateem Group provides exceptional services at all levels of the project, as well as overall project management and incorporation of interior design changes that arise during the course of the work.

Al-hateem Group aims to create a unique and innovative solution that will strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. We place emphasis on budget management and systematic planning of all activities to ensure the smooth and successful completion of all interior design projects that exceed the client’s expectations. Our team will oversee the ordering and tracking of all products, coordination with contractors, delivery, and execution of flooring and wall coverings, furniture, light fixtures, etc., and ensure proper maintenance of all items purchased for the space. At Al-hateem Group, we are always committed to providing the best service to our clients, even after the design project has been completed.