Repairing floor tiles or wall tiles can be a tedious job, as the source of the crack can be difficult to find. In most cases, the cause may be anomalies under or around the tiles, rather than just poor tile quality. Cracks on tiles may be due to obscure or remote causes, such as incorrect curing of the concrete or the flexibility of the subfloor and beams. When repairing floor or wall tiles, it is necessary to investigate and establish the cause before starting work. Some of our services are based on a survey, during which our experts will visit your home to inspect your floor and wall tile repairs and listen to your requirements for repair. If some tiles are loose, we will repair the loose wall tiles without removing them.

Our experts will provide you with a reasonable quote for the installation of the floor and wall tiles and, depending on your schedule, make an appointment for the work. You can use our app to book an appointment and keep track of the whole process, and even make payments. If you book a service through our emergency service, your needs will be dealt with within two hours of booking for an additional fee. Our prices are competitive and affordable, while our experts are reliable, trustworthy, and vetted.

At Al-Hateem Group, we work hard to create your trusted one-stop home service destination. By continuously challenging the status quo and finding new ways to make household services simple, reliable, and affordable, we want to do our part to make your everyday life easier.

Our company has the best experience in tiling. Al-Hateem Grou installs tiles for your homes and businesses to add beauty, simplicity, elegance, value, and durability to your building or new construction project.

Our company offers the best tile installation and tile repair services. We not only carry out tile installations, but also all types of remodeling and repairs in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, terraces, and more.

A beautiful and tidy tiled floor in any room or hallway instantly creates a feeling of warmth, elegance, and sophistication. After the tile artwork, we install your new tile floor, which is also very low maintenance. In large areas, the correct installation of the tile floor is very important to accommodate imperfections in the subfloor. If your material is ceramic floor tiles or semi-precious granite, we always carry out the appropriate preparation work before installing the tiled floor.