Al-Hateem Group has a long history in the furniture industry. With our vast experience and specialization in bespoke furniture, we can offer the finest natural edges, incredible tables, carved cabinets, beds, and all furniture made from the highest quality wood and the finest materials. We offer high-end personalized furniture using the latest techniques as well as traditional methods with handmade products to make sure each piece stands out as the best in its category.

Kitchens: We know the working triangle well, and help you design your kitchen so that you can move easily between the sink, work area, and fridge. Our bespoke kitchens are gorgeous and on a budget.

Wardrobes / wardrobes / cupboards: We offer a wide range of designs and choices when it comes to cabinets. Choose from veneers, PVC, simple lamination, or just let us paint it!!! We also offer unique mechanisms for cabinets.

You have come across expensive and reputable furniture companies, but still can’t get anything that best suits your home décor. In this case, we can offer you the best solutions. Whether you have different tastes or your home is unique compared to other rooms that require bespoke furniture, our woodworkers will help you make anything. Browse our website to buy your ideal bespoke tables, bespoke beds, bespoke shelving, bedroom sets, chairs, and much more.

At Al-Hateem Group, our entire focus is on making the best bespoke wooden furniture that will live with you forever. We believe that furniture should be a long-term purchase and that it should reflect your personality and the style that you love most. You can find the best ready-made designs while fulfilling your wish to have your furniture made to your specifications. Our skilled craftsmen will start work as soon as they know your requirements and will provide you with the best quality. Our aim is to provide you with a product that will exceed your expectations.